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Top 12 Working Alternative to Watch Series online

List of all best couchtuner alternative way to stream series online

Watching movies online has become a common thing to do now. Whether it has been sci-fi, fiction or action movies. It is always exhilarating and pleasurable to watch them. Over the years, the trend of watching Movies and shows has changed completely. Do you watch shows on TV now? Well, no one does.

The new hub for watching shows and movies is now our smartphones and PCs. The usage of the Internet through Smartphones has increased exponentially over the years. And so has been the increase in demand for sources to watch favorite shows and movies. So, here we present to you a list of 15 websites which will take your movie watching experience to an all-new breathtaking level.

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner Movies is a website which allows you to enjoy a wide range of movies from all the categories available. CouchTuner is one of the best places for your daily dose of entertainment but all good things have some flaws in them too. CouchTuner isn’t completely ad-free.

Plus, they don’t provide you with an option to download the content onto your devices as the content is copyright protected. So, if you’re into sideloading movies or shows offline that CouchTuner is not for you. So, let’s have a look at some of the best CouchTuner alternatives available.

1) Movie4U

As the name suggests, the website is mainly aimed for movies. The website has a rich collection of movies categorized according to new releases, most watched and ratings by different users.

But they lag quite behind when it comes to TV Shows. The movies are available according to their Genres as well. And most probably you’ll find most of the movies from the latest to the oldest ones out there.

The drawback with this free online video watching site is its pop-ups. Whenever you click on a certain category or movie, an irritating ad pop-up would get opened.

Also, their lack of stock in TV shows drags them behind as these days, the hype around TV shows is more than that for movies. Still, if you are solely a movie freak, then Movie4U is your Go-To option.

2) FMovies


FMovies is another platform to watch movies. Just like CouchTuner, it is completely free as well. But, they don’t host content on their own.

They provide links to third-party sources for watching the movies and shows. Another good feature about the website is the Request feature. Where you can drop in your request for the missing movies and shows by providing your e-mail ID along with an IMDB link for your requested movie.

3) Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher is one of the nice online video streaming alternatives to CouchTuner, and it is completely free of cost. It gives you external links, and by clicking on them, you can stream various movies.

TV shows can also be streamed on this site, but the collection is not very updated and many latest seasons are missing. You don’t need to register to stream movies from this site. Ad pop-ups are a problem, but other than that, Moviewatcher is a user-friendly site which you can watch out for.

4) Primewire

Primewire also doesn’t host movies and shows on their server. But, in fact, they also broadcast movies from third party websites. But, the collection available is huge, vast and has a lot of variety available.

Yes, the website is free but contains a lot of ads as well. Another thing which makes the website quite boring is its outdated theme and look. The collection for TV shows although isn’t up to the mark at all and has limited options to choose from.

Yet, you can still give the website a try to see if it suits your personal liking or not.

5) Hulu

Hulu is one of the toughest competitors for Netflix. Just like others, Hulu is also having a complete array of movies, shows, and its own exclusives.

But, what makes it different is its subcategorization of movies and shows, it’s recommended features almost gets you correct suggestions according to the mood and your liking.

Although Hulu is a bit expensive it offers various more advantages as well. Hulu also offers the option to watch Live TV channels.

The plans offered by Hulu are  $5.99/ month with a 30-day free trial. And the second one named Hulu with Live TV comes for $39.99/month with a 7-day free trial. If you are ready to spend up to a little money then no doubt Hulu is one of the best choices for you.

6) AZ Movies
az movies

AZ Movies not only provides you with Live streaming of Movies, but it also lets you download them as well. Also, most of the movies available here can be streamed in up to 1080p video quality.

7) Freeform

Freeform is an American exclusive website only available in the USA. If you’re not able to access it from elsewhere you might try using a VPN.

The shows available are not too diverse and a majority of it is their own shows. They are a part of the ABC network from the USA. So, most of the content is from there only. The choices available are limited but worth giving a shot.

8) Rainierland

This website is more famous for TV shows rather than movies. Although, it has a collection of movies too, but it is too much concise and doesn’t contain a lot of variety.

But, if you’re a TV show geek and love watching series. Then Rainierland can be one of the choices for you. Ad pop-ups are a problem, and users tend to leave this site as they fear the possibility of malware. But, If you’re having a good Antivirus and Antimalware by your side then you’re safe and there’s nothing to worry about and can go ahead fearlessly.

9) SolarMovie

The SolarMovie has a bigger advantage over all other sites and that is its easy to use User Interface. It is quite easy here at SolarMovie to search for your favourite movies and shows.

10) Putlocker

The next item on our list is PutLocker. It is also somewhat similar to CouchTuner and FMovies as well. Just like FMovies they also provide links to third party sources.

They also have got a wide variety and category of movies and shows on their site. The only thing which you might find irritating on both these sites is irritating pop-ups. These are not just annoying and picky but can also in some cases do a bit of harms to your system.

So, it is recommended to use these sites at your very own risk. Othee than all this these websites are worth your time. Their collection seems to contain a few extra movies and shows as compared to others. The ratings feature on the website make sure you always get to know what movies to watch and what to ignore.

Ad Popups are still a concern here but you can’t expect more than this for free as well.

11) Alluc

Alluc is a quite different websites from others listed so far. In fact, Alluc works as a search engine. So, if you can’t remember the names of all these sites.

What you can do is just remember the name of one site that is Alluc. Here, you can search for your desired movie and it will show you the result from the various available sources.

So Alluc can be your one stop destination to download all your favourite content from all various sites across the Internet.

12) Crackle

Crackle directly comes from the house of Sony Entertainment. Launched way back in 2007, it has been building up its trust in the market among the users for a long time. Although, it may not be at the top spot as of now. It is certainly one of the most trusted and from a reputed brand such as Sony. They have started bringing up a collection of their own exclusives now as well and have garnered a huge audience over the past few years.

Crackle also comes with many device-support such as PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox One, 360, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Sony Blu-ray Players, etc. Crackle TV can also be watched by downloading its app on your mobile device. But, Sony Crackle is not available in all regions.

So, if you haven’t been into this site lately, then its one of the perfect time to dive in now. AZ movies although scrapes some of its content on Servers like OpenLoad which makes them free from Privacy issues.

In the end, it’s your personal choice to choose from any of the following sites. It is advised to make sure that you enter in the correct URL of the sites so that you don’t land into any other unwanted malicious site unintentionally. These websites may keep changing their domains, so it’s better to be in touch with the site to keep knowledge of such changes.

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