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New Android API Lets Developers Push Updates Within their Apps

New Android API Lets Developers Push Updates Within their Apps. Tired of updating your apps every time? Well, Google has planned on designing a new Android API that will let you receive direct in-app updates from developers without closing or leaving the app. Yes, that’s true! App developers can display a full-screen message to their users informing them of a new update. Which, users can choose to download (if they want) and install immediately right then and there, within the app itself, before they can use the app.

For obvious or whatever other reasons, users can deny to update immediately and continue using the app, in case they are not connected to Wi-Fi or are low on the battery.

Flexible in-app update (for regular updates):

Using this option, Android app developers can display a small “available update” notification to users, giving them an option to accept it and then keep using the app while the new version app is downloaded in the background. The concept is good and definitely not new, as many applications already have custom mechanisms to determine if users are running an outdated version, then prompt them to install the latest version from the Play Store. However, the new API makes this whole process standard, smooth and easy, giving users a great new experience. Also, Google has stated that developers will have full access to in-app update flow so that it feels like it’s a part of the app itself. Which means all apps will not be having the same update experience.

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