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Top 10 YouTube alternative to watch videos


As we know, YouTube is the well-known Giant for watching online videos. Even though there are a few best YouTube alternative exists on the internet. Still, people don’t want to leave YouTube as they pay for the users who upload videos on YouTube but with some conditions/restrictions. Due to its brilliant algorithm to show the recommended videos, YouTube grows its users base actively.

However, with rules of the stage getting modified with no earlier notification and different dissensions close behind, an expansive portion of despondent users are searching for  YouTube alternative that can offer them comparative service as the YouTube provides.

In case you’re looking for the YouTube alternative, here are the top 10 alternatives:

1. DTube

YouTube alternativeThe DTube was a blockchain based video streaming platform. It has the similar User Interface as the YouTube. You can browse Trending videos, Hot videos, and newly uploaded videos. The best part on DTube is it is an ad-free video streaming platform.

2. Veoh

YouTube alternativeVeoh is a video hosting website similar to YouTube which lets you discover, watch and personalize your video streaming experience. Veoh is a good option to upload a video with unlimited length. It also provides some social networking features like adding contacts, creating groups, etc., It is best suits to stream long videos.

3. Dailymotion

YouTube alternativeDailymotion is one of the popular video sharing platforms just like YouTube also having almost similar User Interface like YouTube. Here we can get the trending videos or discover more on the categories.

The Dailymotion having some restriction on its features like one can upload a video up to 4GB in space and 60 minutes in length with 1080p. This platform serves excellent to share your videos across the internet.

Even though, the Dailymotion having a lot of own set of rules, it doesn’t have scary copyright policy as YouTube.

4. Vimeo

YouTube alternativeVimeo is one of the best video hosting platforms for artists and short filmmakers. Mostly this platform encourages the professional activities like dancing, photography, or some other creative works to show off.

This platform has a strict policy of uploading videos on high-quality. So that you can even enjoy 4k Ultra HD videos with HDR. The Vimeo also an ad-free platform.

5. 9Gag TV

YouTube alternativeIf you’re looking for a pure entertainment video streaming platform, 9Gig TV should be your choice. You can explore some amazing contents through its “WTF” and “WOW” section. But some of them might be NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

6. Vevo

YouTube alternative

Vevo is one of the good best sources for original and good quality music videos. It is one of the best YouTube alternatives to watch music videos. You can browse the latest released music album by its artists or by Genere.

7. PeerTube

YouTube alternativeThe PeerTube is an open-source video streaming and sharing platform. It is a Peer-to-Peer decentralized platform just like BitTorrent. Where anyone can host any video on their individual instance. The interface is simple, neat and ad-free. It also contains the trending and recently added videos feature. Since new, it does not have much variety of videos, nevertheless, it offers the service as a competitor.

8. Internet Archive’s Video Section

YouTube alternativeThis site is precisely what it says – a file which has heaps of substance put away in it. Appropriate from documentaries to TV arrangement and motion pictures, you will locate an amazing assortment in the recordings segment of Internet Archive. You can search by filter like by year, language, topic, etc.,

By exploring, one can find certain videos that are hard to come by on other platforms. Also, anyone can contribute to the archive by uploading content for free. This a best platform to search and stream old movies and episodes.

9. Metacafe

YouTube alternativeMetacafe, it is one of the oldest online video streaming websites came online in 2003. It even came before YouTube come into existence. This website focuses on short videos with a time range of 90-second clips.

10. The Open Video Project

YouTube alternative

The Open Video Project, launched in 1998, is a digital library which has about 195 video segments. It is a repository of digitized video that has several documentaries, educational and history related content on it.

You can select from the available content by setting filters for a specific time duration, sound, and format. A significant portion of the videos on this platform has been mostly contributed by U.S. government agencies. It is best to search for educational documentaries.


Feel free to select the best YouTube alternative according to your interest and if you found some other best site, let us know in the comment section.

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