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Top 5 Data Breaches from Giant Tech Companies in 2018

In this Informational Era, Technology is booming in affluence and as data is becoming more precious. The hackers are also becoming hungry for our data. So, the Data Breaches were increasing day by day.

Here’s the list of Massive Data Breaches in 2018:

5. British Airways – 0.38 Million

About 0.38 Million (380,000) users data including payment details have been stolen by hackers. The information was stolen from the British Airways official website and their mobile app during Aug 21 and Sep 5. Fortunately, the hackers didn’t get the passport information of the customers.

Read the full article here: British Airways Hacked and 380,000 Customer’s Data Leaked.

4. Google Plus – 0.5 Million

One of the Giant company on the Internet even decided to shut down one of its popular services – Google+ due to a bug. Which might expose the user data of 0.5 Million (500,000) affected account. The bug was discovered during March of this year (2018). Due to the data breach and the GDPR, Google also made some changes on their user data policy on Gmail and as well as their other services.

Read the full article here: Google is shutting down Google+ After a Data Breach.

3. Tumblr – 30 Million

On Oct 17th of this year (2018), it is announced on Tumblr’s blog post that, a bug on Tumblr might be exposed 30 Million users data including email address, protected (hashed and salted) password of the Tumblr account, self-reported location (a no longer available feature), previously used email addresses, last login IP address, and the name of the blog associated with the account.

It is also mentioned that the bug was resolved within 12 hours of the detection of the bug. It should be noted that they already running a Bug Bounty program.

Read the full article here: Tumblr Patches A Flaw That Could Have Exposed Users’ Account Info.

2. Facebook – 50 Million

You might be thinking that Facebook will on the top of the list on Data Breach as this year (2018) Facebook has many problems regarding the user data and also they have been fined twice due to the GDPR compliance. But there’s another massive Data Breach on this year 2018.

But, Facebook was most popular for the data breaches due to the Cambridge Analytica Scam. A couple of entrepreneurs have even deleted their Facebook accounts and their pages.

Read it here: Co-founder of WhatsApp Tells Everyone To Delete Facebook.

Facebook also has paid a fine amount of £500,000 for the Cambridge Analytica Scam and about $1.63 Billion for another data breach on the same year (2018) which exposed about 81,000 user data. Also Hacked Facebook accounts were sold for $3 on the deep web.

Read the full article here: Another Data Breach on Facebook: 81000 Users Private Info has Leaked.

1. Quora – 100 Million

In 2018, Quora has the massive data breach. But it wasn’t popular as Facebook’s scandal. As there’s a big difference between a Forum and a Social Network. Still the data matters. But Facebook did a scam and Quroa had a pure bug which doesn’t relate to any scam.

Read the full article here: Quora Gets hit with a security breach, more than 100 million users affected.

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