Facebook Messenger internally tests voice commande for chats & calls

Soon in the upcoming days, Facebook Messenger can let you use your voice to make calls send messages by dictating, initiate voice calls and set new reminders.

A new source has revealed that Facebook is working on a new simplified redesign of Messenger app which will exhibit the presence of ‘M’ Assistant. Voice control could make Facebook Messenger simpler to use hands-free or while driving, more accessible for the vision or dexterity-impaired and, perhaps one day, easier for international users whose native languages are hard to type.

Facebook is more keen and eager to stand apart from other messaging apps. And Hence, is trying to improve its app bit by bit.

The addition of M Assistant is expected to be appealing to the users. Facebook has found that users aren’t so keen on tons of bells and whistles like prominent camera access or games getting in the way of chat. So Facebook plans to bury those more in a forthcoming simplified redesign of Messenger. But voice controls add pure utility without obstructing Messenger’s core value proposition and could end up getting users to chat more and improve their overall experience if they’re eventually rolled out.

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