New iPhone Passcode Bypass Found On Apple Releases iOS 12.1

It has not been a long time since Apple released a new version of its iOS, namely iOS 12.1. And a security researcher from Spain has been able to find a crack to reveal all information regarding contacts stored in the devices and this time, the hack is even more simple. The issue resides in a new feature, called Group FaceTime, introduced by Apple with iOS 12.1, which makes it easy for users to video chat with more people than ever before—maximum 32 people. The new passcode bypass method seems to work on all current iPhone models, including iPhone X and XS devices, running the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system, i.e. iOS 12.1.

Since there’s no workaround to temporarily fix the issue, users can just wait for Apple to issue a software update to address the new iPhone passcode bypass bug as soon as possible.

Rodriguez, The Security Researcher from Spain who found this hack has also previously discovered a series of iPhone passcode bypass hacks. Around two weeks ago, he found an iPhone bypass hack that works in 12.0.1 and takes advantage of Siri and VoiceOver screen reader to get through your phone’s defenses, allowing attackers to access photos and contacts on a locked iPhone.

Rodriguez discovered a similar bug in iOS 12 in late last month that also takes advantage of Siri and VoiceOver screen reader, and allows attackers with physical access to your iPhone to access your contacts and photos.

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