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Google is shutting down Google+ After a Data Breach

Google is shutting down Google+ for consumers following security lapse. Despite several tries and effort, it looks like Google has failed to cope up in impressing it’s Google Plus users, as the company has decided to shut down the service completely in the next 10 months following a security flaw exposing several users’ data to the public which occurred back in March 2018.

It has been reported that more than 90% of Google Plus sessions last less than 5 seconds. Still, the company plans to keep the service alive for enterprise customers who use it to facilitate conversation among co-workers. New features will be rolled out for that use case, the company says. Google is focusing on a “secure corporate social network“.

The company has also made several changes in its user data policy for Gmail and other services as well. This will limit apps and the scope of their access to user data.

Google is considering these subtle changes under the name “Project Strobe” aiming to provide a better user experience to its consumers.

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