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Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date Revealed? What Are New Features?

Krafton has confirmed the launch of PUBG Mobile in India, and it will be called Battlegrounds Mobile India. The South Korean video game holding company announced the game’s anticipated return to the Indian gaming community in a statement. Since PUBG Mobile isn’t mentioned anywhere in the statement (considering the company yearns to get back into the country), it also changed its YouTube channel’s name to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Likewise, the website is also revamped with the new name and a new logo. Moreover, there is no confirmation or statement from the Government of India regarding the uplifting of PUBG Mobile’s ban.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at the information we know about the game so far.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release date

Krafton has not revealed any information that could tell us about the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India. This is similar to how the company has been tight-lipped about any ongoing talks (if so) with the government about the relaunch.

However, Krafton revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India would have a pre-registration before the official launch in the press release. As to when the pre-registrations will start, there is no information. Furthermore, the game will be available to play only in India, putting some limitations on the esports scene regarding the mobile game.

Battlegrounds Mobile Features

Based on the teaser and the poster revealed for Battlegrounds Mobile India, it seems like the upcoming game will not be so different from its predecessor. The default player skin and the map seem to be the same as PUBG Mobile’s; and of course, the iconic Spetsnaz helmet is also there.

After all, launching an old game with a ‘new’ name and existing features seems like a good deal for Krafton, as PUBG New State will be the game to exhibit new features.

Battlegrounds Mobile Vs. PUBG New State

The news of PUBG New State also aired a while back, indicating a new mobile game directly related to PUBG Mobile in the works. PUBG New State will begin its beta testing in 2021. However, Krafton never stated about the release of New State in India.

Moreover, as of now, the developer shows no signs of releasing New State in India. Granted that doing so will result in conflict among the two games by dividing the player base. Henceforth, bad news for the people waiting for PUBG New State.

Interestingly, the company is trying not to repeat its prior mistakes and looks to tread this time onward carefully. The statement from Krafton also confirms it, “With privacy and data security being a top priority, Krafton will be working with partners, to ensure data protection and security, at each stage. This will ensure privacy rights are respected, and all data collection and storage will be in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in India and for players here.”

So this is all that has been revealed so far about the highly awaited Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile). We’ll keep you updated about any ongoing developments with regards to the game. Till then, let us know what you think the game would be like upon its launch.

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