Google to launch new Gmail design soon

Are you bored with the old Gmail design? Do you need a new revamped design? Then it’s a big news for you as soon Gmail may get a complete design brush up soon. As reported by sources, Tech giant Google is gearing up to revamp the look of Gmail. As reported by The Verge, the company is working on a redesign of Gmail. The company has started sending out emails to the customers who pay for its G Suite services. One such email was obtained received by The Verge, which talks about the redesign of Gmail for the web.

Apart from the new look, the company will also be introducing some new features to the service. After the revamp, users will be able to directly access the Google Calendar via Gmail. The redesign might also include the option to snooze emails so they later appear in the inbox. It is also expected that the company might introduce an offline email storage option. This will be one of the major updates received by Gmail in years. The email also informs that initially the redesign will be available as part of early adopter plan and will be later rolled out to the regular users.

Recently, Google announced that will soon start pushing its AMP project in a big way and has plans for extending it to its emailing service Gmail. The project will enable emails to feature continuously updating information and greater interactivity.

Users could see automatically updated flight information in a booking confirmation email. They could fill out surveys without leaving a message or review close-up shots of products in a marketing pitch without opening a browser window.

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