Of Course Google Spies On You! Should You Care, Though?

Of Course Google Spies On You (Should You Care, Though?). We all are fond of Google’s web services. The various range of apps that Google has to offer is simply un-ignorable.

It has become an integral part of our lives and we cannot simply live without it. But, have you ever thought about how Google uses the data and information it collects while the usage of their apps? Probably you never thought about it. And why should you too? As long as your apps are working conveniently and normally. You shouldn’t worry or should you? Well according to many security researchers, Google does spy on you.

Yes, and why wouldn’t it? Google is an advertising company and its only source of income apart from YouTube is ads for sure. But what has it got to do with spying on you. Well, of course, if Google shows irrelevant ads to you then it will be worthless. For example, suppose you don’t have any interest in horror magazines. And what if Google starts showing ads of them to you? Will you ever click them? Of course not! You’ll certainly ignore them and move ahead. And that’s why Google monitors you.

Using its browser or various apps, despite location services being turned off, it has its eyes over you. It knows where you are, it knows what you’re doing, where you’re going. And based on that is how it shows relevant ads to you, so you watch them, go through them and it will profit the company.

Starting to hate Google? Well, Every major web organization nowadays does this. Even Facebook had done this and already been caught selling user data to advertisers. And that’s how it’s going on all over the Internet.

So, how can you get rid of this? One easy and simple way will be to uninstall all Google apps, its web browser and everything Google is linked with. Can you? Maybe it’s a bit hard to do so but if you are serious about your privacy you must do.

So, how can you hide what you’re doing on the Internet at least? You may use a VPN. Hmm, sounds interesting. Yes, that would work briefly as it will whatever you’re browsing over the internet from your ISP and certainly from Google. But, what about the company offering you a VPN? Government agencies can pull them down to knees in one go and you’ll get screwed in an instant. Be it incognito browsing or any other stuff you come across. You’re never safe.

Also, there is some privacy browser in which Duckduckgo has maximum share with enough popularity. You can use that and they don’t track your activities ( According to their’s statements). They don’t even track and store so hijacking Duckduckgo’s database even not help hackers.

Believe me, if someone is tracking you means, on one side you will be browsing and another side you will be sold out, your data, personal interests will be sold out. We can’t even estimate how many ways there are to save you.

Final words:

you’re never alone. Someone, somewhere, deep down under, you’re been watched, looked upon all your activities be it for your good or others. The latest advancements in AI also possess a greater threat to all this. As machines get more and more innovative and more intelligent than humans. You possess even a greater risk to be spied on. Suppose, in the future you have a robot helping you in your household chores. What if someone hacks into it and sees all that you’re doing in your home? Where’s your privacy? Are you safe in your house? What if your “Smart Walls” Spy on you and capture videos of whatever you do to someone else?

Technology holds a lot for us in the upcoming future. And that’s great. But, the problem lies in its sensible and honest usage. With advancements in hacking techniques and methods as well, it has been quite simpler to invade someone’s privacy. Want a clear-cut solution to all this crap? Cut down your internet, throw all your devices out and have peace. Lol kidding but be aware and use best possible available tool to make you safe and hidden

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