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Google Pulls 13 Android Apps Installed Over 500k Times Containing Malware

Google Pulls 13 Android Apps Installed Over 500,000 Times Containing Malware. Do you know how many apps available on the Play Store are safe to download, install and use. Well, you’d say most of them are. But, that’s not absolutely true. Google itself recently has removed around 13 apps found to contain malware.

Yes, these apps once installed without user’s consent would launch a malware in the background which could eventually lead to slowing down of your device and you may even end up losing your privacy.

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Well, you’d say that who and will someone download such apps? Well, the reason behind is that these apps are quite difficult to identify.

These apps represent themselves as a truck or car simulators but on the inside, they are something else. Most of the users have reported that these apps crash down as soon as they are launched. And also redirect you to install some other app called Game Store for absolutely no reason on Earth.

This is just a trick to lure users into downloading the app by providing sound-full names, jaw-dropping screenshots which will surely pull anyone down into installing the app or game. But, what happens next is certainly unexpected.

So, what can you do to avoid these? Just make sure the apps and games you download are scanned safely by Play Protect and have legitimate reviews, otherwise, you may put yourself in potential danger.

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