Hackers strike again PewDiePie’s numbers war with T-Series

PewDiePie vs T-Series has been one of the hot debates going on YouTube for the past couple of months. The reason behind is obvious. The number of subscribers that T-Series has been adding on per day on an average basis is among the highest on YouTube. The number of subscribers of T-Series is pretty close to what PewDiePie has got and the gap seems to be shrinking every day.

In fact, the gap once shrank close enough to less than 100k and it seemed like T-Series is going to take over, but support from other YouTubers such as Markiplier and Logan Paul did seem to take PewDiePie a leap ahead in the race.

In the latest development to the contest for supremacy between YouTuber Pewdiepie and T-Series, hackers claimed to have hacked into 100,000 printers across several countries, printing out a message asking people to subscribe to the Swedish content creator’s YouTube channel.

The printer hack event hasn’t happened for the first time and in fact, it is the second time it has been done by hackers to their appreciation in the favor of PewDiePie. One another reason why most of the other YouTubers are standing up in favor of PewDiePie comes up to be because of him being an individual creator.

T-Series on other hand is a music label company uploading almost dozens of videos every day on their channel making the competition a bit unfair.

Although, some people stand against this statement as well and clear up saying that T-Series is the one needs to be supported for being alone whereas PewDiePie has got many International YouTubers by its side.

In fact, the printer hack isn’t the only promotion method used by fans. Fans have put out messages on billboards in New York’s Times Square, and even urged UK Prime Minister Theresa May to intervene in the matter. It is also quite interesting to note that T-Series is the most viewed YouTube channel with more than 55 billion across all its YouTube videos ever uploaded.

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