New MacBook Disconnects Microphone “Physically” When Lid is Closed

Apple’s New MacBook Disconnects Microphone “Physically” When Lid is Closed. Apple has been in news for the recent attacks and vulnerabilities present in iOS. But, now Apple to enhance user security and privacy experience has introduced an astonishing new amazing feature in its new edition of MacBook.

Whenever you close the lid manually, the chipset will detach microphone physically automatically so that attackers will not be able to use or gain access to the microphone while you’re working on your MacBook. Although, it might not sound much interesting as you’re still vulnerable to attackers when you’re working on it. Though the new T2 chip is already present in the 2018 MacBook Pro models launched earlier this year, this new feature got unveiled when Apple launched the new Retina MacBook Air and published a full security guide for T2 Chip yesterday.

Mac users will be still prone to malware, like the infamous FruitFly malware, that can secretly turn on your MacBook camera and microphone to record video and audio when your laptop lid is not closed. Honestly speaking, such physical hardware disconnect feature would be more helpful if manufacturers could offer a manual switch using which users can turn on or off their device’s microphone or camera, whenever required.

The T2 chip offers some non-security features as well, like an image signal processor that enables enhanced tone mapping, controls the ambient sensor, the system management controller (SMC), white balancing to the FaceTime HD camera, Apple video encoder, audio controller, and enables “Hey Siri.”

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