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Google Shopping Experience Launched in India

Amazon, Flipkart beware! Google shopping experience launched for Indian users. Online shopping has become a general trend almost all over the world. Although some insecurities still remain regarding it in the minds of people.

Especially, in India people still don’t find themselves comfortable in online shopping feeling scared of either replacements or returns or lack of knowledge of online payment methods. To tackle this, Many e-commerce websites have been prevailing and fighting over each other for the battle of the best. And so, in between to make things easier for you Google has introduced some new features into its search engine to make things more easier and smoother for the shoppers.

Google Shopping Experience

Searching for a product manually on each and every site to grab the best deal is a thing of the remote past. Google now offers you a complete list of all websites offering the same product that you searched for. This makes things easier for you to decide which side to go on for and what should you choose for the maximum benefit. For retailers, the company will offer its ‘Merchant Center’ in Hindi, which will allow the sellers to list their products for Google Shopping, without paying for ad campaigns.

India has got a total of more than 400 million Internet users all across the nation and yet more than half of it doesn’t have any online shopping experience.

In fact, only one-third of the total Internet users have online shopping experience and this data includes online rail bookings as well. Google has clarified that its Google Shopping service will act as a bridge between the shoppers and buyers and processes such as delivery and transaction will be held by the merchant.

The move certainly shows the growth potential of The Indian Internet Market. With a growth in the number of Internet Users has grown the demand for new technologies and innovations to make things simpler, easier and more effective.

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