WhatsApp deletes Old Backups on Google Drive

WhatsApp deletes Old Backups on Google Drive. To provide users with a better option for retention of important data and pictures, or videos. WhatsApp had started offering Google drive as a backup option to its users along with the standalone offline backup feature.

The feature is no doubt, much better and safer as it allowed hassle-free installation whenever you bought a new device. And moreover, the backup didn’t use the provided 15GB storage space, or in turn, you can say was a part of unlimited storage. But, according to WhatsApp, now it is mandatory to not just back up your chats and media to Google drive, you must make sure that you update the backup regularly. Why? Because starting from 12 November. WhatsApp is completely switching over to use Drive as a primary source of backup storage for all its users. And if you haven’t backup up your chats and media lately, then you certainly poses a risk to lose your precious data.

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If you have set your backup preference to manually, then make sure that you do a backup once in a month. Although, Google has stated that only backups that haven’t been renewed for more than a year will be scrapped off. If you have set your chats to be on auto backup, then there’s nothing to worry about as of now.

The main reason behind this can be attributed to the fact that WhatsApp wants to use Google Drive as a primary source for all its backup related or other temporary storage purposes and for this, certainly, Google Drive is one of the safest options out there. In fact, it was just in the last month that WhatsApp reached on an agreement with Google to provide unlimited storage access to backup WhatsApp data.

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