Google Named Android 9 as Pie Officially: Everything You Need To Know

Google finally named its Android 9 Android Pie and it isn’t a mystery anymore. It’s rolling out and is stuffed with new highlights, from extended battery life to new gesture navigation. While the organization’s progressions in Google AI and Google Assistant held us hypnotized, the Android Pie highlights satisfied Google fans.

Here’s the list of few features included with Android 9:

Android 9 Pie is a free update for qualified gadgets – on the off chance that you are ever approached to pay for Android updates, somebody is attempting to take in you.

Gesture Navigation:

Gesture Navigation

Google just redesigned its Navigation in Android Pie similar to iPhone X. The new Gesture Navigation button involves an indistinguishable space from the conventional on-screen buttons, however, the home button is currently a pill-shape and it moves. Sliding too far left and ideal over the gadget would grandstand recent applications and lets you rapidly switch between them.

Rotation Suggestion:

It’s a little change, however apparently the most helpful. Presently when you have a lock on to stop the screen pivoting introduction coincidentally, and you turn on your telephone purposefully, a little button shows up in the route bar.

Tap the button to pivot the screen from representation to scene or the other way around – ideal for those few times that you really need the screen to turn yet not, say, when you’re resting in bed.


Normally when you look for an application on Android, the app icon itself comes up, and some other important outcomes on the gadget or on the web. With Android 9, Google will indicate your data that is installed inside applications, offering you intelligent application usefulness from specifically inside list items. At an abnormal state, Google says, it’s the organization’s new way to deal with “remote content.”

To put it plainly, Slices are completely practical UIs that can be embedded externally in different applications to give an assortment of choices to the user. This component, much the same as huge amounts of different sections in Android, plays out a profound examination of your sources of info and settings to demonstrate to you the best parts of the applications you utilize more often than not. It can unquestionably send a chill down your spine.

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