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Windows 12 lite spotted! Is it true?

A Reddit user /u/hexsayeed recently posted a picture on /r/Windows10 section stated that he has seen the Windows 12 Lite CDs in a local computer fair and couldn’t stop laughing.

Windows 10

After Windows 7 End Of Life, Windows 10 would and few other Linux-based operating systems would be a greater choice for Windows 7 lovers.

Microsoft turned its windows calculator app as fully open-source and also acquired GitHub recently. The company also added an optional Linux terminal to Windows 10 and also it has developed its very own Linux Kernal too.

Microsoft also gives occasional updates to the Windows 10 and Windows Insider Program.

Windows 12 Lite

You might think that this is fake. Surprisingly, it is being sold in a local computer fair with the name of  Windows 12 Lite and this OS isn’t actually developed by Microsoft and it is not related to Microsoft in any way. Instead, it is a Linux based OS that is modified to look like Windows 10 OS.

It is a Linux Kernel 4.8 based modified Operating System. It is made to look like Windows 10 by using a dark theme, Windows 10 Wallpaper, and different icon packs.

It is stated that this Windows 12 lite will be three times faster than the Windows 10 Operating System. It also mentioned that it is a virus and Ransome free and provides 80,000+ from their software manager.

The makers also created a website that explains the installation process of Windows 12 Lite.

Windows 12 Lite Desktop

Source: webhouses

Will, there ever be Windows 12?

According to Microsoft, there will be no more Windows versions beyond Windows 10. There will not be even Windows 11. So, forget about the future Windows versions. But, the company has already announced its OS for the future called Windows 10X that is primarily focused on dual-screen PCs.

Anyway, let’s see how long does this Operating system exists and when will the maker gets legal notice from Microsoft for using the Windows name without their knowledge.

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