10 things Android Phones can Perform, but iPhones can’t


Android vs iOS has always been a hot debate, while both the operating systems have got their own pros and cons, Android seems to be much popular among the masses because of the customizability and versatility it offers in contrast with iOS. Here are 10 things that Android phones can perform but iPhones can’t.

1. Split Screen:

When launched, it had become a hot topic among users as it offers the comfort of using multiple apps at once on your phone without having to switch back and forth between apps. Unfortunately, iPhone users still miss out on that.

2. Customisation Options:

On Android, you have tons of customization Options available, you can download launchers, themes and even root your device to get a full control of it. Whereas on an iPhone you’re stuck with the same home screen and UI.

3. Native Picture-in-Picture Support:

Android Oreo introduced the PiP (Picture in Picture mode) which allows the users to play videos or do video calls on selected apps in a small window which is movable while carrying out other tasks on your device. Although only limited apps are supported at the moment, it’s expected that list will soon become long enough to make this feature a boom.

4. Manage Phone’s Internal Storage:

Thanks to the file manager built in you can also cut, copy and do whatever stuff you want on Android.

5. Smart Text Selection:

Newly Introduced with Android Oreo, it helps recognize whether the selected text is an e-mail address or postal address or a website.

6. Guest Account:

Android also offers Guest Account feature Just like you have different User accounts on Windows PCs. Comes handy if multiple users are accessing one device or you don’t want a guest user to see your personal data.

7. Record Phone Calls:

Now legalized in many countries, Android Phones now come with call recording functionality by many manufacturers, still missing out on iOS.

8. Choose Default Apps:

Android gives you the potential to choose which app should work as default for that task such as for launchers and music players.

9. Data limit Alerts:

You always get alerts when you reach the specified threshold which you can set according to yourself.

10. Instant Apps:

One of the recently launched features is Instant Apps, which allows you to test an app on Play Store before downloading and installing it.

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