How to charge any mobile faster than usual?

How to charge any mobile faster than usual?

Suppose you forgot to put your phone on charging and now you want to go outside within 15 minutes with your phone which have only 5% battery. What will you do? It will be quite difficult to have 30-50% charged within 15 minutes (Depends on your phone specification).

So what I’m going to tell you about fast charging isn’t any magic trick or any external app or tool. It’s just a way which can be confirmed technically true. So there are following ways to follow according to your choices.

Steps to charge any mobile faster than usual:

1) Putting on battery saver mode Before you put to charge your phone put it on battery saver mode. What does even its mean? It means all background apps which currently running in the background will be frozen so that it will consume less CPU and COMPUTING POWER this will lead your phone to charge a bit faster.

2) Turn on airplane mode – If your battery charging is more important than your calls then put it on airplane mode. What will it do? Well, our( 10-30)% battery is consumed by cellular standby. Because it uses a radio signal to send and receive data packets So putting your phone on airplane mode will make your battery charging faster than usual.

3) Turn off your phone – In case if your battery is more important than being the standby of phone and calls; just turn it off. In this way, your background CPU usages + RAM + GPU + Cellular signal which all are responsible for 100% of your battery consumption will be off in peace. And your phone will be now charged at 2x speed.

Conclusion – We should charge the battery on a regular basis so that it can be near impossible to come 5% stage of the battery. So the above ideas can be taken for an emergency period and its technical not like a trick so you can rely on it.

Here you can understand deeply technical things that how exactly your battery consumed by different functions of your phone:

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