5 Google Maps Features that launched in India first

5 Google Maps Features that launched in India first:

Google Maps, One of the most popular and widely used navigation app not only throughout the country but almost the entire world. It has always been quite handy when you don’t know the directions to somewhere or you’re having a hard time with your memory! There are many features of Google Maps which were first released in India and then made available globally. Here are 5 of them.

Two-Wheeler Mode:

India has vast variety of roads and every road isn’t suitable for all types of vehicles. Well, Google Maps Two-Wheeler Mode solved this problem tremendously by showing separate Two-Wheeler directions which made sure that you never get yourself stuck in between Jams while you’re on the go in your Two-Wheeler.

Offline Maps:

Everyone knows how poor Internet connectivity do we have all over the country. Although the plight has improved but it’s still far-fetched. Offline Maps solves this problem as you can side-load your Map for specific places so even if you run out of data or network, you never get lost.

Smart Address Search:

This feature comes in very handy when you exactly don’t know where you want to go. But if you enter some instances of the address, it will smartly try to find the nearest possible known landmark so that you can get as close as possible to your exact location.

Schematic Metro/Rail Maps:

One of the best features for Indian residents is this one! It allows you to have a complete overhaul map of your train while traveling so you’re always on the know while on the go.

Landmark based navigation:

This comes in handy while you’re driving as instead of saying “Take left after __distance” It will try to find some proper landmark and dictate that instead of the distance. It is very useful as while driving it’s not always accurate to estimate how far ‘x’ distance from you is going to be and looking at your screen while driving is dangerous too.

These are some of the Google Maps features first launched in India which make our driving safe and happy.

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