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Another Data Breach on Facebook: 81000 Users Private Info has Leaked

Another Data Breach on Facebook: 81000 Users Private Info has Leaked.

It hasn’t been long since last Facebook data breach took place. And now again according to a report by BBC. A security breach of more than 81,000 users’ account information has taken place. The breach was discovered in September when a user named FBSaler put out an ad on an English-language internet forum offering access to the data at 10 cents a handle.

It looks like the advertisement has since been taken down and no longer available. Although Facebook had denied from these facts and has stated that it has been occurred due to malicious extensions existing in browsers. We have contacted browser-makers to ensure that known malicious extensions are no longer available to download in their stores,” Facebook executive Guy Rosen told the site. Rosen did not specify the name of the browser extension that allegedly sent personal details and private messages of users back to the hackers.

Facebook is under the radar for security-related issues on its platform, after multiple reports of the breach. Last month, the company posted about a vulnerability in its code that lets people preview how their profile appears for others. Facebook claimed that 30 million users had their access tokens stolen by exploiting 400,000 accounts.

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