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Google Pixel 3 Overheating While Charging: Report

Google Pixel 3 Overheating, Shutting Down Without Warning for Some Users While Charging. As of one of the premium smartphone makers now, Google is expected to have a decent standard in the market of flagships. But, it looks like that image is deteriorating, as many of the new Pixel 3 users have reported various issues with the new Pixel 3. Issues vary from auto shutdown of the device during charging or video calls, getting extremely overheated during charging and many others.

A Pixel 3 user took to Reddit last month to share overheating experiences during video calls while the phone is charging. The user also says that the Pixel 3 shuts down without warning. The issue has been faced on both the official Pixel Stand as well as an Anker 39W car charger. The post saw several comments with other Pixel 3 users reporting the same issue, which did not seem to resolve itself even after a factory reset.

Not just Reddit, Google’s Pixel User Community forum also saw a similar post from another user. The post went, “I have recently purchased pixel 3 device. I am seeing an issue of overheating while continuously using the camera for 5-10 min and video call on WhatsApp (15-20mins) the device shows a message about the same. And gets turned off.” Video call seems to be the common culprit behind these overheating issues. While this issue might not affect all of the Pixel 3 users or even a major part of the user base, it does reflect the poor quality standards that some of the units have. Google hasn’t yet responded to the issue, but we expect that to happen soon considering it talked about fixing previously reported issues earlier this month.

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