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Google Allo App will be shut down by March 2019

According to the report, the Google Allo app will be going to shut down by March 2019. Google has had a hard time with Google Plus and Hangouts. And that’s why it decided to shut them down as they have not been as successful as the company hoped them to be.

On the contrary, Google’s September 2016 launched Instant Messaging app Allo seems to join the departing team as well.

Google in a recent blog post has mentioned that it is going to stop all of Allo’s operations starting from March 2019, that is quite early next year.

Although, Google has suggested users to backup all their chat conversations in the meantime. The radar comes back to Google’s continuous failure in the field of social messaging.

When Google had launched Allo way back two years ago, it had an aim to take over WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage. Initially, things looked and felt good.

The integration of Google Assistant inside the app was a positive move and appreciated by the audience. But, it seems like all of it was just temporary and not long lasting.

Not including more features and comfort like WhatsApp, Allo was ultimately not able to distinguish itself apart from the rest of messaging apps.

Google then moved its focus to Duo, its video calling app which Google finds and tells to be much more better and reliable than others. But, How long will Duo survive in the market? Or will it join the likes of Allo, Hangouts, and Google+?

Google has already started bringing some of its features of Allo into its Messages app. But, is this the fate of Google? Is Google a failure when it comes to social networking?

Google, the search engine giant, seemingly dominating over the Internet and making life impossible without itself for others needs to have a properly planned strategy on this.

Otherwise, the recent decline of Its social media apps might properly usage of its other services not instantly but surely in the long run.

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It seems Google is revamping all of its products and stopping some services like Google Plus, Hangouts now Google Allo App. Hope they know what they’re doing.

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