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Facebook says it fixed Messenger bug that re-posts old messages

Facebook says it fixed Messenger bug that reposts old messages. A few days ago, users on Twitter had reported an issue that they are seeing very old deleted messages in their chat history on their own for absolutely no reason.

The bug, when reported to Facebook, was worked upon and fixed soon as well. The bug was noticed first of all by desktop platform users when they started seeing older messages reviving some of the unwanted memories.

The issue arises due to a coding issue in Facebook’s memories feature. A similar issue had arrived earlier way back in 2015 when Facebook had introduced its On This Day feature when some of the old posts stated that its appearing in user’s timeline which they never wanted. Yet, Facebook has apologized for the issue stating that it was due to an issue in their software update.

It looks like Facebook has become a bit more secured regarding the privacy of their users and in this hustle bustle looks like they are doing some things wrong as well. It is also and an indication of the fact that it is working upon for the upcoming elections in various countries across the globe.

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