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First 5G phones will come next year: Report

First 5G phones will come next year, make it easier to distribute new types of content: Intel. As we make progress in field of technology, it has become quite obvious that we require more faster Internet access. 5G is what aims to serve this purpose.

According to sources, 5G isn’t just going to be all about speed. In fact its going to be much more than that. 5G will not only bring reduced latency and better connectivity but also introduce many new technologies as well.

Internet of Things is among one of them. It will allow having control with things like your household items and stuffs. Having smart doors or even smart walls. As many manufacturers are going to launch their 5G enabled devices next week, it becomes quite important for networks to start preparing themselves accordingly. With 5G’s reduced latency and faster speeds, it also means a lot more forms of content will be easier to execute and made available for more easily.

The Intel executive said that virtual reality, cloud gaming, augmented reality type experiences will all benefit from the rollout of 5G. “Everything we take for granted or is not really smart, that’s all going to be smart,” Woods said. “To give an example of Holographic experiences. That’s actually possible with 5G.

Stitching different types of content together in real-time Augmented reality to aid shopping and a lot else will be easily possible.” But, problems might arise in countries like India which are hugely and densely populated. Connecting remote areas will also be a difficult task. 5G aims to provide more bandwidth as well. For example, live streaming videos when watched by many people at the same time can lead to a slowdown and create problems for the viewers.

5G will aim not only improving speed but how you access it. All in all, the Internet isn’t going to be the same anymore.

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