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WhatsApp Bug: This message will crash your WhatsApp

Another spam message that will crash your WhatsApp that is making everybody’s WhatsApp application smashed when they’re tapping on the message that is something like – “if you touch the black point then your WhatsApp will hang..don’t touch here“.

Well, it’s not the first run-through, before we’ve seen comparative WhatsApp hang or crash issues when clients were sending a noxious contact record over WhatsApp talks. On the off chance that you tap on the pernicious spam message, your WhatsApp application will quit reacting demonstrating a popup “the application has quit working/responding… please wait..

Want to know the reason why your WhatsApp is getting hanged or froze subsequent to clicking or touching the content “don’t touch here”.

crash your whatsappAccording to a report, the message bears some obscure uncommon characters which can crash the application. The bug is apparently influencing just Android, and iOS users appear to be unaffected by the forward message. The wellspring of this message isn’t known yet. While there is nothing malicious behind this bug except for has apparently been made to torment you.

What’s behind the message “Don’t touch here”?

For understanding the reason behind this message, you’ll need to have some basic knowledge about the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). Basically, the ASCII is just the decimal numbers created from Binary Digits, Which is the only language that every computer can understand.

Each and every letter having their own ASCII code i.e., A has the ASCII value of 065 and Z has 091. So if you send a text message on WhatsApp, the framework first separates every single letter set into ASCII characters. But there’s a limit in the number of characters you can send via a single message. WhatsApp experienced the issue by including Read more… feature.

But in this case, you’ll notice a blank space before the text. In that blank space, there are many hidden ASCII characters were stored that you can’t even see. Moving your cursor or pointer to the clear space of the text will likewise make your WhatsApp hanged.

How to hang anyone’s WhatsApp – send “Don’t touch here” message.

  • you can download the text from here,
  • Download the above file and copy the message,
  • Send it to your friends and here, when they click on the message, their WhatsApp will get hanged.

It is noted that recently there was a 0 Day bug found on the recent WhatsApp Beta release. Read the full article here.

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