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Huawei tests Google’s upcoming Fuchsia mobile OS on Honor Play

Huawei tests Google’s upcoming Fuchsia mobile OS on Honor Play. Google has already set upon a dominance through its famous and excellent Android Operating System considering all others in the present day.

Months ago, there was a bit of talk and news that Google is working on a new mobile operating system of its own. The news has turned out to be true as Huawei is working to get Google’s heard of Fuchsia OS on Honor Play.

Apparently, a new commit by a Huawei engineer to Fuchsia Gerrit source code management system showed that Google and Huawei have been intensely testing out the next-generation mobile OS on the Honor Play. On the Google source page, it can be seen that the owner of the build is stated as Murali S.R, who has a Huawei corporate e-mail address as his contact. The code was uploaded by Mike Voydanoff and reviewed by 12 people at Google.

Although, it isn’t clear what are the features of the operating system and how much different will it be from Android. It is excepted that the OS will offer more smart capabilities than Android. It is currently hard to predict whether the OS will be a hit in the market or a flop. But, it can be said that it much more meaningful and useful, unlike Samsung’s Tizen OS.

Fuchsia OS was first spotted way back in 2016, but there were no affiliations with Google back then, although this time it seems clear that Google is somewhere involved in the development. Let’s see how the OS rolls on.

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