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Google Hangouts To Be Shutdown For Users By 2020: Report

Google Hangouts To Be Shutdown For Users By 2020: Report. Google has surrounded us by many of its services and it’s almost impossible to imagine life without them. With the introduction of many of its services, Google hasn’t hesitated to shut them down as well.

Last year Google had announced that it is going to shut down Google+ due to security concern and also the platform not being used as widely as accepted.

Google had introduced Hangouts way back in 2013, replacing it with Google’s Talk service. Although, Google has got other options as well, like Allo and Duo. But, Allo hadn’t performed up to their expectations as well. Also, back in April, Google had announced RCS (Rich Communication Services) format support for its Android Messages app, but that hasn’t arrived yet either.

There may not be many. But, still, there are some users who are using Hangouts on a regular basis. And it will be quite tough for a job for Google to find an alternative for them. Google’s many attempts at messaging apps have become a running joke in the tech community.

The company just doesn’t seem to know what they want to do. Allo was a very confusing product launch and it barely made it two years before being demoted. In fact, it was never ever confirmed whether Allo was just a messaging assistant app or a social networking messenger like WhatsApp.

Yet, Google never considers such dis happening events as a downfall. In fact, Google has always to tried to learn from its failures. And this time it is expected that Google will soon come up with something better planned in the future for us.

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Google Shutdown Orkut in 2014, Google Plus will be Shutdown soon and now it announces that Hangouts will be next in the Queue. So, what’s the next service does Google going to Shutdown? Comment below.

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