Google’s Chrome OS tablet leaks in vivid detail

Google’s Chrome OS tablet leaks in vivid detail. Just days after Google launched its new Pixel Devices, The PIxel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, It looks like another device has been leaked from Google, The device this time is a tablet seemingly running Chrome OS.

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Although no information is out regarding the specs of the device, it is almost clear that the device will come sooner or later. Also, the device sports up at least one USB type C port and fingerprint sensor as well.

It is expected that the device will come along with Google’s own detachable keyboard. Which means you could easily attach the keyboard to make it a laptop and then remove it to make it a tablet back again.

This may be more a showcase for Google’s touchscreen developments than a hot rod intended for demanding Chrome OS users. It would also come in a dark blue shade, conveniently lining up with a similarly-colored Pixelbook Pen that showed up at Google’s online store.

The tablet will also come up with a Pixelbook Pen, that will allow you to brush up your creativity. The Pixelbook Pen is the same stylus that launched with the Pixelbook last year, with Google Assistant features and a solid on-screen writing experience with low lag, tilt and pressure sensitivity.

The stylus can work as a great tool for writing and signing documents as well. It can work out as a great tool for business enthusiasts.

With devices such as these, Google has made a clear statement that it is now time for death of those old school standard Android tablets. The Chrome Slate tablet will certainly prove to be a major overhaul in Android Tablets segment.

Chrome OS is still a work in progress and there will be the occasional thing you’ll still need a full Windows PC to do, but what the Pixel Slate offers already is worth buying if you want to be on the bleeding edge.

Just don’t expect every app and game to offer the most polished experience despite the premium price.

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