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Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity you must try

Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity you must try. Chrome Browser is certainly the most popular web browser out there whether it be for desktops or our smartphones. And, no doubt there’s a big reason behind it as well. And that is Google. When it comes to the desktop version of the browser, there’s one amazing feature that certainly comes in handy. And that is Chrome Web extensions. Yes, web extensions not only provide you with some handy and cool features, but they can also help you get rid of ads and do much other amazing stuff which would have been quite difficult otherwise.

So, here we list 5 different Chrome Web Extensions that will help you in the long run and your day to day activities. So, here we go

1) Google Keep:

Keep is Google’s very own note making app. The best thing about the app is its minimalist design and easy to use interface. Unlike other note taking apps, it doesn’t have any kind of hoggy boggy features but suffices your needs. And the best part about it is that it has an app available for Android and iOS which will make sure that your notes keep synced across all your devices.

2) StayFocused:

StayFocused is an app that has a self-explanatory name. It certainly aims to keep you away from distractions while at work. It has also gas in-built app timer feature which allows you to set a fixed maximum limit time for usage of an app on a daily basis. And when you run out of time, you will only be able to use the app again the following day. The only way to unblock will be uninstalling the extension but that will surely defeat its motive.

3) LastPass:

Do you have a hard time remembering all your account passwords? Are you tired of always resetting your password as you forget it too often and wastes your precious time? Then this app is made for you. The app is a one-stop storage for all your different account passwords across different sites, you can save all your passwords here and the app will do the rest for you. The app also does auto-login on your behalf and gives strong password suggestions based on your usage.

4) OneTab:

Did you find your browser cluttered and cumbersome to use when you have too many tabs open? Well, this extension provides a decent fix for this. What it does is it converts all your open tabs into a list, which saves more than 95% of your memory and makes your experience more smoother and faster as it reduces the CPU load.

5) Save to Pocket:

Save to Pocket works as a very handy extension when it comes to the browsing experience. The extension works as a tool to quickly bookmark websites and articles that you want to read later. So, that you can have a look at them in your spare time. The app works in a basic manner and will surely improve your browsing and reading experience over the internet. With its Android/iOS app, you can also sync it across all your devices easily for later offline usage.

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