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What is Deepfake?

Deepfake is a word derived from “Deep Learning and Fake“. It is an Artificial-Intelligence based Human image Synthesis. It’s a technique to combine in other words morphing an existing image and video onto the source image or videos.

This technology can be used in film editing and virtual reality videos. But unfortunately, it was used to fake the celebrities pornographic videos. This technology was first seen on the internet in 2017, particularly on Reddit Later they banned the deepfakes account. The first ever video found on Reddit was Daisy Ridley deepfake video. Later on, they posted fake videos of Emma Watson, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift or Scarlett Johansson. Those videos aren’t real but create with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The stress that deepfakes would, one be able to day cause an atomic war is the worst case, however, it skips directly past present and pressing issues of assent, media education, substantial self-rule, and responsibility for claim advanced self. Those issues are not implausible or hypothetical. They are intensified by deepfakes today. Will, somebody makes a fake video of President Donald Trump announcing war against North Korea and get every one of us murdered? Maybe. Be that as it may, the finish of mankind is the most extraordinary final product, and it’s getting more consideration than issues around regarding women’s bodies or evaluating why the general population making deepfakes felt qualified for utilizing their pictures without consent, in the first place.

The first ever headline was published by Motherboard, back in December 2017, said: “AI-Assisted Fake Porn Is Here and We’re All Fucked“.  We are still profoundly fucked. Not on account of a deepfake will prompt atomic war. But since, we have such a significant number of issues we have to settle before we stress over advanced detection of the AI-created video.

The deepfake is not only limited to facial expressions. The new technique considers a variety of movements, including full 3D head positions, head pivot, eye focus, and eye blinking. The new technology utilizes AI as generative neural systems to do the trick, taking information from the signal models and computing, or forecasting, the photorealistic outlines for the given target on-screen character. seriously, the artists don’t need to adjust the designs for existing body hair, the target actor, body, or the background.

Internet reaction on Deepfake:

Some websites, such as Twitter and Gfycat, announced that they would delete Deepfake content and block its publishers. Previously, the chat platform Discord blocked a chat channel with fake celebrity porn videos. The pornography website, Pornhub, also plans to block such content, however, it has been reported that the site has not been enforcing its ban. At Reddit, the situation initially remained unclear until the subreddit was suspended on February 7, 2018, due to the policy violation of “involuntary pornography”. (Source: Wikipedia).

The Department of Defense can’t save us. Technology won’t save us. Being more critically-thinking humans might save us, but that’s a system that’s a lot harder to debug than an AI algorithm.

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