Mark Zuckerberg asks His employees to switch to Android Phones

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated all of its employees to switch to Android phones concerning the fact that majority of the users worldwide included parts of Europe and almost all parts of Asia are Android users. But, the real reason behind the statement actually seems to be something else.

The move comes after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made public comments regarding the recent Cambridge Analytica Scandal that took place. And it looks like Zuckerberg wasn’t quite pleased with what Cook had expressed. When asked what would you do if you were in Zuckerberg’s situation, Cook responded saying ”I wouldn’t be in this situation”. Stating the fact that “We choose privacy over money”. In return, Mark responded saying that these comments by Cook are extremely disappointing for someone from a reputed organization.

Facebook has been in news since the beginning of the year for the various data breaches, hacks and scandals such as Cambridge Analytica that took place. The company does seem to have a hard time as of now. Many famous celebrities had even decided to quit Facebook due to the fact that it was no longer secure for them.

Well, even Apple isn’t having a good time too. Declining sales of iPhones, various hacks and issues found in iOS have put user’s security under the banner as well. And it looks like the two CEOs are rather busy enjoying accusing each other and not doing what’s needed to be done for their mutual benefit.

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