Uber India Plans to double its Tech headcount

Uber India Plans to double its Tech headcount

Uber has been one of the most called and looked for the app when it comes to cab services in India and western countries. Now, Uber has identified that countries like India need a major investment as there’s a lot of potential in here.

In fact, Uber has decided to extend its operations to other parts of India as well. In fact, they have started hiring new front end and back end engineers and cybersecurity experts. With a growing demand for their services, it had become quite important for them to focus more seriously. Not only the company itself, but this will benefit the employees too.

This will create certain hot job posts for many people around the globe for people, especially in countries like India where unemployment has become a serious issue day by day. But, on the other side comes the issue of potential employees as well.

Growing demands in technology for Cab Service apps it has become quite difficult to find equipped Computer Engineers. With the recent increase in cases of hacking and security breach among various sites, it has become quite important to have a more serious approach to the matter.

“We see immense potential in India’s tech talent and have been expanding our India tech presence since the start of this year. In 2018, our tech teams grew by 150 percent and we are focused on doubling down again in 2019 and Uber India tech centers in Bengaluru and Hyderabad are critical to Uber’s global mission of developing urban mobility solutions for everyone,” said Apurva Dalal, Head of Engineering, Uber India.

India alongside its huge population has always been a top spot for tech companies to open up their factories.

In fact, not only Uber, Top Mobile device manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Samsung have started their manufacturing plants in India and other surrounding smaller Asian Subcontinent countries too. This will certainly prove to be an asset in taking over China’s monopoly over the Tech industry.

China since decades has been a leader when it comes to Tech related manufacturing or ground level engineering work. And it still continues to be. Although Major companies existing in the market tend to come from China, it’s high time now for Other countries to cope up too.

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