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Microsoft Gives Update to “Notepad” after a long time.

The Notepad is a simple text editor provides by Microsoft Windows to their users. In 1983, The notepad was first introduced on mouse-based MS-DOS. After that, it was included in every version of Windows OS since Windows 1.0. In the meantime, the latest update on Windows gives an update to Notepad also.


Here’s the list of improvements added with the latest update of Notepad:
  • Users can now finally zoom into text. For doing this, all they need to do is press the down or up arrow while using the mouse wheel.
  • Now one of the most requested features was to select a whole word and delete it. Microsoft is bringing this feature as well with the latest version of Notepad app. Users can now remove the previous word by pressing the ctrl+backspace key on their Keyboard.
  • The users can now find and replace a word as well which is quite useful at times.
  • The performance for large files is improved.
  • The status bar is situated at the top by default in this latest version of Notepad App.

The Windows not only get the above-mentioned updates. It also includes some other features/improvements:

  • Added biometrics in the Remote desktop for more security,
  • Dictionary function in Edge PDF reader,
  • Faster Sign in option in Windows Shared PC
  • Media Autoplay controls in Internet Edge
  • Updates to Windows defender Application


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