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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 May Get an On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor


The world was amazed when the Chinese smartphone maker Vivo announced its Phone with an on-screen fingerprint sensor. It was long though if it can be made possible and it is indeed verified that yes it is possible.

Reports have suggested that maybe now Samsung is working under the hood to make its upcoming note series device Galaxy Note 9 equipped with an under screen fingerprint scanner. A Korean firm has reported that The Samsung Display has made two-three prototypes for the Samsung Electronics division for a display panel that has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor. This indirectly means that the South Korean tech is close to a final solution for its future smartphones.

It is said that Samsung is taking a bit of time to get confirmed about its display panel and make sure there are no flaws in it. Although it’s still not official, it can be speculated that to maintain in position. Samsung will have to do something out of the box. Reports also claim that with Galaxy Note 9 may come to an all-new S-pen with many new features by the final quarter of this year hopefully.

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