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How to stop Facebook from Collecting your Data

Here are the steps to do to stop Facebook from Collecting your Data. Facebook, the giant social networking platform is under the hammer as many allegations have been set upon the CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the company for selling user data to various other companies. It is noted that there’s a complaint about Facebook for leaking about 50million users data.

Although, Facebook denies such allegations and says that the data collected is used only for providing better advertising and nothing else. It has also been claimed that access to permission for calls and SMS is also used for some purposes.

Although Facebook claims, that it is not compulsory but an opt-in service. If you use Messenger, you can certainly disable telephone and messages permission for the app. Which won’t allow any permissions to the app to use any of such data.

Facebook also provides a feature to check what and how your information is shared with any of its partners. In twitter #DeleteFacebook campaign has picked up force and recently Elon Musk had also deleted his Facebook Page. US Lawmakers have asked Facebook to submit a report on it.

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