Samsung, LG to launch 5G phones at MWC 2019: Report

Samsung, LG to launch 5G smartphones at MWC 2019: Report

5G has been the talk of the town now for several days and in fact, it is certainly going to be the next big thing ever discovered in the history of the Internet and its usage.

5G is not just going to be a revolution in terms of Internet speed and a lower ping, it is more about bringing new innovations. Internet of Things (IoT), Remote surgery and many other possibilities could turn into reality with the coming of 5G. And so, with this regard, most of the manufacturers have already started planning to roll out their 5G devices the upcoming year. Samsung and LG are going to launch their 5G devices too.

Samsung is expected to launch three Galaxy S10 models and a separate 5G-enabled smartphone, although the information hasn’t been confirmed by the South Korean major.

Meanwhile, LG too plans to showcase its first ever 5G smartphone at MWC, the biggest mobile event of the year. MWC 2019 kicks off in Barcelona on February 25 and runs through February 28.

Although, The 5G phone expected to be launched by LG is most probably going to be a 5G version of G7 ThinQ or who knows maybe the G8 ThinQ. Qualcomm has geared up for the race as well with the introduction of its 5G enabled Snapdragon 855 packed with the X50 Modem enabling support for the much awaited 5G Technology.

In fact, not only Samsung and LG, in fact, most of the manufacturers have planned out to roll out their 5G devices as well. OnePlus and Huawei has already announced that they are going to launch 5G enabled phones too in the upcoming MWC 2019. Even Oppo is rumored to show off a 5G smartphone at The MWC 2019.

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