Huawei Announces EMUI 9: A Look at its Features

Huawei has announced that soon it is going to release EMUI 9.0 for its users, which is going to be more feature packed than existing EMUI 8.0.

The interface comes with support for tons of languages and promises much better battery life and performance than ever before. Huawei has also introduced GPU Turbo 2.0 in EMUI 9.0, which is said to enhance touch controls in games. It works in sync with the App Assistant feature to deliver a smooth mobile gaming experience. A new gesture-based navigation system has been introduced as well where users can flick, swipe to perform certain actions.

Digital wellbeing features that help user’s track and manage the time spent on their smartphone have also been included in EMUI 9.0. “We at Huawei, are not only focused on offering distinctive user experience but also enhance the way consumers connect with one other. The recently launched EMUI 9.0 has been developed from a commitment of creating an enjoyable, consistent and simple experience” Said by Senior Product Director of Huawei Business Group.

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