What is?

What is 5G?

What is 5G technology all about, All you need to know about 5G, key players and more?

5G networks, currently still in the development stage is something that everyone is eagerly looking up to. With increasing demands for high-speed internet access across the globe, it is now almost a necessity to have information right in front of you as quickly as possible.
Although 4G is yet to reach many places, development for 5G has struck already. Unlike 4G, 5G works on the basis of having smaller antennas but having many of them. This will create a denser network and allow 50 to 100 times more speed as compared to current generation 4G.

Major Players in this race:

To achieve this milestone, it is necessary that mobile network providers update their networks with required technology and bands for the 5G network which will certainly take more time to reach on a global level. Companies like Qualcomm, ZTE, Ericsson will play a big role in it.

On the other hand, mobile manufacturers will have to release upgraded phones with 5G modem chip support under the hood, which certainly ensures that none of the current popular handsets are 5G-ready. Most of the broadband chips come from Asia and companies such as Huawei and Samsung develop their own broadband chips for their handsets. Other manufacturers rely on other brands such as MediaTek.

It certainly makes clear that this isn’t going to be something easily achievable and it will take the effort to implement it properly on ground level.

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