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Top 15 Tech websites to stay updated – 2018

In this technical era,  the technology grows more by day by day. Due to this rapid growth in technology, we must be updated. Here are the top 15 Tech Websites to stay updated – 2018.

 1. TechCrunch

This is one of the oldest Tech websites which founded in mid of 2005.  This website provides all the information related to new technology as well as new gadgets. It also provides the information about the event that will be conducted by big Tech Giants like Dell, Microsoft, Apple, etc., It is also one of the leading tech websites throughout the internet.

2. Thenextweb

With more than 7 million visitors per month, this website becomes a tech giant. This website provides information about tech news and gadgets which includes next Gen gadgets. This website also provides reviews, tech specs and functioning abilities about the gadgets.

3. Wired

This website becomes came into this list as it covers exclusive technical news and reports. It also explains briefly about latest gadgets and the latest technical news causes you might ends up by visiting this frequently. Security videos, science and entertainment related videos and video series also available in this website.

4. Gizmodo

If you’re a Gadget lover, you should not miss out this blog. Because, the blog is all about gadgets including laptops, cameras, smartphones, etc., This website also provides the reviews exclusively to those who is looking to get up-to-date information on Gadgets.

5. Cnet

You should visit this website at least once in your life if you’re a tech geek. This website offers well-researched contents related to all type of gadgets, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, etc., Which is is helpful to people to be updated on this technical era.

6. TheVerge

This website is for the one who need legit reviews on a new product that launched in the market. The site has an incomparable for its commitment towards the improvement of the general public. The reports it offers on how the innovation influences the general public are particular and remarkable.

7. Gadgetsnow

According to Time of India, this is the most-read website across all the tech related website. Almost, they cover everything related tech, reviews and launches. It also provides “How to” tutorials.

8. Techradar

This website is mainly helpful in comparing the features of two Gadgets when we going to buy a new Gadget. The reviews are after a deep research about the Gadget. Additionally, this website also provides a lot of information about the car lovers. Where we can compare the different technology used in the latest cars. Which is helpful to buy a cheap and best car for car lovers.

9. Digitaltrends

As the name says, its all about Digital trends i.e., new technologies that are in market and is trend now. The motto and goal of the website is as like its slogan “upgrade your lifestyle“. The website covers almost all the breaking news about the Smartphones, Gaming devices, laptops, etc., There is a plenty of information which one can accumulated by visiting this website.

10. Bussinessinsider

The website covers news related to financial, media and other verticals of industry. It was launched in July 2007. It is one of the rapidly growing tech websites.

11. Mashable

With in excess of six million web based life supporters the site is a fairyland for tech lovers. It gives a definitive rapture to the tech fans. It has an inconceivable cluster of astonishing recordings about the most recent innovation including different applications, programming, plan, and so on. The website has more than 20 million unique visits till date.

12. Engadget

Engadget doesn’t trust the innovation is about the processors and the bits of tasks performed. From the human organs imprinted in the lab to the auto with no driver all the innovation related most recent news are posted on the Engadget. Engadget has been the fruitful analyst of the gadgets and the advancements behind them from 2004. It has likewise clarified that how the advancements matter the most in our lives.

13. Droid-Life

As the name of the website, it is all about Android and its community. It is famous on posting reviews, tech specs, general news, featured apps, etc., If you’re hunger to learn all about Android, This website the best place to go through.

14. Macrumors

It is also one of the popular tech websites which only has news about the Apple related products. It is famous for posting reviews of Apple products and rumors about the Apple related products. Macrumors likewise have the dynamic network who are totally centered around the obtaining choices of the Apple items and the specialized parts of the Macintosh, iPhone and iPad.

15. CyberIntro

Finally, comes to end of the TOP 15 Tech Websites to stay updated list. And of course CyberIntro is also one of the Tech news portal which also having the “How to“, “What is” and “Top X” categories. The vast category on CyberIntro makes you to be up-to-date on almost every corner on this Tech Era. We also includes the science section where you can gain some science related knowledge.


I hope you liked the list of 15 Tech Websites which might helps you to update your knowledge according to the current technology.

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