Uber Approved to Resume Autonomous Car Tests

Uber Approved to Resume Autonomous Car Tests in Pittsburgh. As technology progresses, new inventions and discoveries have become certainly important for human civilization. Automated cars seem to be one of those inventions.

Uber last year had started their rollout of Self-driven automated cars on the roads of various places in the USA, the trial seemed to be quite pleasurable in the beginning as things were going on quite smooth. But, the accident of an old Pedestrian on the roads of Arizona at night resulting in her death put up a big question mark on the safety of the passengers and pedestrians on road.

The government since then banned the trial of self-driven cars completely all over the country. But, now after almost one year, Uber filed a request asking permission to resume its self-driven cars testing in Pittsburgh. And the request seems to have been accepted for selected localities.

But, there are some terms and conditions. There must be one backup driver present inside the car all the time and in fact two if wanting to speed up above 40mph. Also, the testing has to be done only under the daylights and not in the night time for safety reasons.

Last time, Reports had concluded that the accident took place because the system that allowed the car to apply emergency brakes had been turned off as the car had already detected the pedestrian 6 seconds before the accident took place.

Uber this time has assured that the Volvo Emergency brake systems will remain always active and make sure that no incidents such as this happen again in future.

Later Uber will pursue bringing its self-driving cars back to public roads in Arizona, California and Toronto, Ontario, its other test sites. Arizona suspended the company’s permission to test after the crash.

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