Voice and Video Call Features Spotted on Instagram – Report

Instagram, a popular photo-sharing app owned by Facebook which also owns the Giant Messaging app – WhatsApp. All the three social networking giants were popular on their own user base and the three were adding more and more features these years. Since mid-2015, WhatsApp having the Voice calling feature and at late 2016, it also launched the Video calling feature. Followed by WhatsApp, Facebook now trying to launch Voice and Video calling feature on Instagram.


The Instagram also launched an alpha program in Dec 2017. where users can test Instagram’s upcoming features. According to a post on xda-developers, they’ve been reported on twitter by a reader of xda-developers, when they de-compiled the Instagram APK, they found the files and images related to voice and video calls.


Also, they found the following string:

<string name="videocall_ended">Video Chat Ended</string>
<string name="videocall_left">You left the chat</string>

which confirms that Instagram Voice and Video calling feature might be under testing phase.

This might let a tough competition with Snapchat. However, the company continuously refused to comment about the Voice and Video call feature on Instagram. Let’s watch the game of Instagram Vs Snapchat.

Source: xda-developers, theweek

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