WHO Declares PUBG Game as a disorder

WHO Declares PUBG Game as a disorder. Various Institutes impose a ban on Hostel Students.  With the evolution of smartphones and the Android operating system has grown the availability of different apps and games. And now, with the launch of PC-like amazingly built high Graphic games like PUBG things have turned into a whole new direction.

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround)

PUBG, a very famous battle royal available for PC already, has been devastating the entire Mobile gaming industry since its launch for Android and iOS Devices. The addiction and love for the game grew so much that it was rated as the best game by users on play store for the year 2018.

The objective of the game is fairly simple. Survive through any means with all the weapons and boosts available and be the last man standing.

But, addiction to this fairly simple game has grown so much that people just can’t live without it. In fact WHO has declared such games as a ‘disorder’. And in fact, it has initiated psychological research on how such games impact human lives. How such games impact human thinking, the brain’s decision to take actions and change in behavior towards other people.

Many Institutions have imposed a ban on the game and even imposed punishment for the students involved in playing them. Various incidents of disturbances caused to other students by the game led to this under consideration.

In fact, Institutes have reported that games like PUBG have brought a certain decline in the academic performance of the students.

Although, some sides do vote oppositely in this manner and say that such games build up cognitive skills such as decision making, improving awareness skills and making the brain think more effectively in do or die situations.

It’s not one word or one-liner statement to say whether addictive games like PUBG do any serious harm or any good to the mentally of human beings, but it can be a time-wasting factor especially for students.

There’s no harm in playing under a limit, but playing it all day long might not be as healthy as you think.

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