Xiaomi Mi A1 Smartphone Explodes While Charging

Exploding of smartphones isn’t something you see every day, but still, in recent years, it has become quite common. Another case of an explosion of Xiaomi Mi A1 has been reported recently.

According to a recent report, Xiaomi Mi A1 has reportedly exploded near a sleeping owner while it was charging. The incident was shared on the MIUI forum by a member who claims his friend’s Xiaomi Mi A1 exploded while it was charging overnight. Although the smartphone exploded, the owner thankfully did not suffer any injuries as the device was placed in a protective case and it was at some distance from the owner.

Much details about the usage pattern of the device are still unknown and even Xiaomi hasn’t responded on the matter yet. This particular incident of Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone exploding seems to an isolated case, as it been more than a year since the device has been launched.

As a precautionary advice, it is recommended to not use your device while charging or charging overnight while your sleeping beside.

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