Intel working with Facebook on AI chip coming later this year

Intel working with Facebook on AI chip coming later this year. Artificial Intelligence has been a new hot topic for a quite long time with a majority of the tech giants working towards its better and most properly oriented implementation. The Processor manufacturing Giant we all have heard of, yes we’re talking about Intel Corporation is reportedly working on a new series of chipsets focused primarily on Artificial Intelligence.

A question might arise in mind as to what different kind of opportunities will the Development of Artificial Intelligence bring in for us.

The answer is simple, The Artificial Intelligence is going to be based on something quite different from others. It will have a sense of recognition. It will provide you with suggestions at the right time such as automatically tagging your friends in your photos and other similar stuff.

In November, Amazon also said it had created an inference chip. Amazon’s chip is not a direct threat to Intel and Nvidia’s business because it will not be selling the chips. Amazon will sell services to its cloud customers that run atop the chips starting next year. If Amazon relies on its own chips, it could deprive both Nvidia and Intel of a major customer.

Also, Intel has announced that they are teaming up with Dell to bring a new XPS series of laptops that will be working on the new set of chipsets equipped with Artificial Intelligence capabilities. It is Highly expected that the wide range of laptops will be available by the festival season for consumers.

The chipsets not only will provide Computers and Laptops with Artificial Intelligence capabilities but also on cars and other vehicles which will provide great help in Navigation and improved traffic control.

Lastly, Intel’s alliance with BMW, Fiat Chrysler, and Delphi is attracting a lot of attention. Unless NVIDIA matches Intel’s might with a similar alliance (instead of its simpler Drive partnerships), it could struggle to reach more mainstream automakers.

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