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Neonode Airbar: Add Touchscreen Functionality to Any Laptop!

A company called Neonode has introduced a cool new gadget called Airbar which converts any non-touch laptops into a touch screen laptop by using the gadget.

Touchscreen Laptops

Ever since Microsoft so heartily embraced finger-friendliness with Windows 8, the gadgets manufacturers were looking a way to add the touchscreen functionality to the non-touchscreen displays. We already have some gadgets like Touch Screen Overlay or Leap Motion to add the touchscreen functionality to the normal displays.

Unfortunately, these gadgets are either lacking in functionality or overpriced. To overcome these drawbacks, Neonode introduced the Airbar. Which is low in price which is about  USD 59.99 (price from B & H Photo) with this, you don’t need to remove even a single screw to install the device.

Neonode AirBar

The Airbar is a slim USB device with magnets and sensors which can be attached at the bottom of your screen. It supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and also supports for Mac. There’s no extra software installation for the device and its just plug and play. It works as long as it is connected to the laptop.

The Airbar uses a beam of light that Neonode refers to as “zForce AIR technology” to sense the touch on your screen. With this gadget, you can poke, pinch, zoom, swipe, and scroll all the way you will do on a touch screen.

Since the AirBar’s powered by light, rather than touch, you can use it to interact with your laptop in ways that traditional touchscreens don’t allow, such as with a glove or even chopsticks, as this video shows.

The Airbar will work perfectly on 16:9 display in the size 13.3″, 14″ or 15.6″ screens. Additionally, it requires a 22 mm of the flat surface below the bottom edge of the display for mounting the AirBar sensor.

Do you know any other similar devices to convert a non-touchscreen display to a touchscreen display? Mention it in the comment section. Let us add it here with more information about the device.

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