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Dell Resets All Customers’ Password After Potential Security Breach

Dell Resets All Customers’ Password After Potential Security Breach. Dell has reset all it’s customers’ passwords after it had a brief indication that some hackers had tried accessing their systems and steal information about customers.

Although, Dell confirms that no information has been reached to them and all data and important information of all of its users are safe.

But, It still seems threatening how such attacks have become common nowadays. Not even Dell, many other websites including likes of Facebook have faced attacks for stealing user information and it seems like there’s no stopping back.

Although, Dell has said that Payment and Credit Card information was not targeted by the hackers but that seems quite unusual too. According to the company, the initial investigation found no conclusive evidence that the hackers succeeded to extract any information. But as a countermeasure, Dell has reset passwords for all accounts on Dell.com website whether the data had been stolen or not.

If you had ever created an account on Dell’s website for buying products or getting Access to their customer service, then for sure you will have to reset your password again as it had been reset. Despite raising questions over user safety and privacy, it is quite surprising to see how quickly Dell responded to the issue. They didn’t let any information pass through to the bad intentionalists.

The company has set up an investigation team to look deep inside the matter. On the other hand, the company has also knocked on the doors of law enforcement agencies to make sure such attackers are severely punished.

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