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3D printed Head unlocks Android and iPhone X: Report

3D Printed Head Unlocks Top Android Phones, iPhone X ‘Impossible’ to Beat: Report. Face unlock has become a quite popular method of unlocking smartphones nowadays. And, in fact, it is now one of the most looked for features when it comes to buying a new smartphone.

But, one question arises, again and again, is how safe is the face unlock mechanism? Manufacturers always boast about the security of their face unlock feature but are they really that much secure?

3D Printed Head to test:

To test this, a Forbes reporter Thomas Brewster created a 3D print of his own head by spending around 21,000₹ just to check how strong face unlock in the available flagships is. He tested it thoroughly on many devices including the likes of iPhone X, LG G7 ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and OnePlus 6.

After setting up the facial unlocking feature using his real face, Brewster was able to unlock all the four Android smartphones using the 3D printed model of his own head. He admits all the Android phones were unlocked with ‘differing degrees of ease’.

Some of the smartphones got unlocked pretty easily at one go like the OnePlus 6T. Which was found certainly to be the least secure among all the devices? The only Device which sustained this amazing test was the iPhone X. Which clearly indicates that iPhone X is the only complete face lock proof device out there.

Although manufacturing does provide a warning while setting up face unlock regarding its outcome and in fact, it is advertised more of a convenience feature rather than being used for security purposes.

Yet, OnePlus 6 didn’t have any such warning and it did pretty badly fail in this test and in fact, it turned out to be the least secure among all the devices out there.

This test again clearly a proves that security options like face unlock might seem fancy to use but aren’t as secured as old school passcode system.

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