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Google Makes 2 Years of Android Updates Mandatory for Device Makers

Google Makes 2 Years of Android Security Updates Mandatory for Device Makers. Google has always been providing monthly security updates to its Pixel and even the legendary ancient Nexus devices. But, the OEMs and device manufacturers have always been quite lazy in providing monthly security updates to their devices on a timely basis except for some Android One based phones.

Now, in a new contact Google has made it mandatory for device manufacturers to at least provide guaranteed 2 years of security updates to newly launched devices at any cost otherwise it could lead to cancellation of their contract. According to the leaked contract, Android OEMs will now be required to regularly roll out security updates for popular devices—launched after January 31st, 2018 and activated by more than 100,000 users—for at least two years.

The Android device makers are mandated to release “at least four security updates” in the first year following a smartphone’s launch, but for the second year, the number of updates is unspecified.

Besides this, the contract also stipulates that the manufacturers must not delay patch updates for security vulnerabilities for more than 90 days.

In other words, the minimum requirement of the contract is a security patch update every quarter. As of now, the authenticity of the new Android partner contract is not verified, but the new changes made by Google will definitely have a massive impact on the overall state of Android security and benefit millions of Android users.

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