Google to Encrypt Android Cloud Backups With Your Phone Password

Google to Encrypt Android Cloud Backups With Your Phone Password. Google has always been serious regarding its user’s security and privacy. This time Google has taken a step further in improving user’s security experience.

Now, Google has announced a new security measure for Android Backup Service that now encrypts all your backup data stored on its cloud servers in a way that even the company can’t read it. Starting from Android Pie, now Google will store all your backed up data on its titanium security chip.

Starting with Android Pie, Google is going to encrypt your Android device backup data in the following way:

Step 1: Your Android device will generate a random secret key (not known to Google),

Step 2: The secret key will then get encrypted using your lock screen PIN/pattern/passcode (not known to Google),

Step 3: This passcode-protected secret key will then securely sent to a Titan security chip on Google’s servers.

This process ensures that no one except you yourself will be able to access your data. In other words, the Titan security key will not decrypt any of your backup data unless it detects the lock screen passcode you have used to request for decryption. Google hasn’t confirmed which devices will support this encryption. But, it’s sure to be supported in Android Pie.

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